What Our Clients are Saying
"Jackson Hole Real Estate Company managed our townhouse for more than five years. I can honestly say that I cannot say anything about their service that was less than excellent." - Teton Village Townhome Owner
What Our Clients are Saying
"I have been so pleased since I changed my property management to Jackson Hole Property Management. [...] From the folks at the front desk, to reservations, to housekeeping, to maintenance, I couldn't be happier." - Town of Jackson Condo Owner
What Our Clients are Saying
"...my wife & I are totally satisfied with the service & professional attitude [of Jackson Hole Real Estate Company]. I am particularly happy with the current Mgr Grace Burnett her courtesy & professionalism." - Teton Shadows Townhome Owner
What Our Clients are Saying
"I have been so happy with the management services provided […] I’ve found that they take great care of my unit; are quick to respond whenever I send an email or leave a message; and, all in all, are a pleasure to deal with." - Aspens Condo Owner

Jackson Hole Real Estate Company, LLC's Property Management Division

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide superior service, eliminate fees and increase net revenue for vacation rental properties in Jackson Hole.

Some of the highlights of our Property Management program include

1. 35% Management Fee

2. Absolutely no travel agent fees!

3. Excellent housekeeping crew

4. Highest revenue producing property management program per unit in all of Jackson Hole! (We are able to back this statement up with actual numbers.)

Each owner has very specific needs and it is our goal to match those needs through our strong property management system. It is important to us that our owners know and understand our business systems and know what to expect from our company as we manage their residential investments. Our goal is to have close relationships with each of our owners so that we can be trusted to manage their property with their best interests in mind.

Strong and user-friendly websites

Our websites are an important part of our strategy. We are the highest naturally ranked property management company on the web in the Jackson Hole area. Our sites are browsed by thousands of people every month viewing the properties that we manage producing maximum exposure and revenue potential.

We control numerous different web domains and through the strategic placement of these websites, we are able to direct the daily influx of online traffic and reservation requests to our call center, Jackson Hole Reservations. This company is a direct partner with our real estate division and is very unique. It is an internet driven company that handles hundreds of thousands of reservations and requests for people coming to Jackson Hole every year. Our primary web domain is found at jacksonhole.net and through this website you will find access to all of our other sites and programs. Everyday the reservation leads that are generated through this site are monitored by our reservations call center. Jacksonhole.net is the easiest way for customers to reserve your vacation rental property online!

Availability is Key

We know that each phone call that comes in is a potential booking for our owners' properties. Our cheerful, helpful, and knowledgeable reservation agents are available 7 days a week to take care of each lead that comes in by phone or email. We have a very proactive and effective system of following up with each lead to get the reservations into our owners' properties. We also have an easy to use online booking system allowing guests to make reservations 24 hours a day.

Eliminate Fees, Increase Net Revenue!

This is our motto! We believe in making money through the rentals we provide for our owners, not through fees. Our owners constantly compliment us on our ability to keep fees low to nonexistent and revenue high.

Communication with each Owner is Important!

Each time there is a need inside a property, we contact each owner by email or phone, whichever is preferred. We do not like surprise invoices and neither do our owners so we always strive for excellent communication. We also communicate to our owners the ways in which they can potentially increase their net revenue by adding a particular amenity or upgrade.

Analysis and precise reporting are the tools we use to remain conscious of the market conditions and trends that will affect particular rental properties. We send out newsletters and emails informing the owners of our studies so they can understand the decisions we make. We analyze each individual property as if it were our own. From this analysis, we can come up with a specific marketing plan for each property to increase net revenue. We continue to watch the bookings and evaluate how to boost revenues and occupancy rates each year.

Known for Excellent Housekeeping and Maintenance

Our wonderful housekeeping team has been with us since we began our management program in 2001. The result has been first-rate, consistent and timely cleanliness of all of our rental properties. We understand the importance of communicating with our housekeeping team after each departure to maintain the condition of your property.

All of the linens we use are serviced through High Country Linen in Jackson Hole where they wash, iron and fold all linens. This professional service increases the satisfaction of each guest stay.

Our customer service oriented maintenance team is on call 24 hours a day for guest and owner needs. They are fully capable to take care of each work-order at a reasonable cost. They are also trained to keep each owner informed of any work that is required. For larger projects and repairs needing immediate attention, we use professional sub-contractors. We always request a bid on the job if we suppose that any repair or replacement is or will be greater than $300, however, if there is an emergency and the problem may be hazardous or dangerous to guests for any reason, it is addressed right away.

Property is an extremely valuable asset in Jackson Hole and we understand the importance of good maintenance and attention to detail. We make sure every property we rent is in great condition and make sure all preventative measures for possible maintenance issues have been covered. Through our experience we have learned even something as small as a dripping faucet can cause problems. It is our goal to prevent or fix these issues before the guests arrives to avoid any inconvenience to our customers. Our superior housekeeping staff is very supportive in informing us of any problems that may arise. Another service we offer in this regard is the inspection of your property before each guest check in.

Guest Satisfaction Produces Customer Loyalty

We understand that guest satisfaction starts from the moment we answer the phone through the time of departure and after departure for their future stays in Jackson Hole. We have guests that come back year after year to rent the properties in our program. We reward our return guests with a discount that they can take advantage of each year when booking with us. Guests will often let us know if there is a deficiency in a property which we immediately respond to by communicating the needs to our owners and solving the problem in a timely manner.

Another way we guarantee guest satisfaction is by providing an extensive photo gallery and description of each property that we manage. We guarantee that they will stay in the particular property they originally book so that there are no surprises when they arrive. This is a big difference between our marketing strategies compared to other management companies in the Jackson Hole area.

Increase in Revenue Adds Value

If we can maintain an increase in revenue for a property it will add significant value if the owner ever decides to sell. An established track record of improved revenue is something that is rewarded by the Certified Jackson Hole Appraisal Services. This is a principle that we try to make sure that our owners comprehend and why we evaluate each property every year. Our attitude towards property management is to do our best to add value to each property through exceptional accounting and tracking measures because the rental statistic numbers must be sustained, validated and accurate. If you have questions about the fair market value of your condo, please call our real estate department at 800-687-1154. They would be happy to help you!


Sample property management agreement:

Reservations: www.jacksonhole.net

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